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100 Hammered Nail Heads Clavos 5/8 inch repro

100 Hammered Nail Heads Clavos 5/8 inch repro
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  • Color: Gray
  • Maker: Handmade
  • Material: Steel

YOU will receive ONE HUNDRED of these reproduction antique style clavos nails !

Clavos decorative Nails 

They're hammered steel with rust.  MOST people take them and let them rust to their desired finish.  You can then choose to either clear-coat them or leave them as-is.  OTHER people like to take them and paint them.  We leave that to you to decide.  

They are each approximately 5/8" wide (width will vary only slightly because the heads are hammered out).  The nails are 5/8" long.

You can turn a plain ceiling......wall......door......piece of furniture......just about any project....into a real showpiece with these decorative iron clavos nails!  When we built our new home years ago we used these clavos in the ceiling of our great room.  It created a wonderfully rustic feel.  MANY people use these on their doors.  Actually they're wonderful for any manner of projects.  They're called "clavos".  They're decorative nails

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