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Ancient Antique Holy Land Byzantine Pitcher Clay Pottery Jug Terracotta R

Ancient Antique Holy Land Byzantine Pitcher Clay Pottery Jug Terracotta R
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 Beautiful replica of Ancient biblical Byzantine clay Pitcher / jug with a flat base and a shaped neck .

"Jerusalem style jug".

Estimated time line: 400 AD

 A wonderful piece of History!

This unique handmade product is manufactured in the very same old techniques as our Holy Land ancestors used ages ago. It contains the exact same ancient mix of materials and have similar look and feel.

This clay pottery jug was used for Wine, Olive Oil, grains and Milk.

 Jug Measurements:

 Height: 8.5 cm 3.34 inches

Diameter: 9 cm 3.54  inches

Weight: 202 g

Item pictured is the actual item that you will receive.

***Please review my other items***


All of items I offer are “aged” reproduction (replicas) of lamps and vases, originally excavated at the Herodion & Juedah and other archeological sites in the Holy Land. "Aged" format means the lamp looks as if it has been buried for 2000 years, in fact, one of the most fantastic facts about these items is that they are being handmade manufactured in the same ancient techniques as used millenniums ago and from the same mix of terracotta, clay, mud, etc.



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