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Antique Ceiling Tin Western Art Wall Tile Kitchen Backsplash w2

Antique Ceiling Tin Western Art Wall Tile Kitchen Backsplash w2
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  • Color: Brown
  • Material: metal

Antique 1800's Metal Ceiling Tile Wall Tin Cowboy Western Art 

This is tin W2  

Measures 24 1/4" (wide) x 24 1/2" (tall).  THIS one features rodeo cowboys

Designers will take these to display alone......or frame as period wall decor...... or shadow box or mix and max for a desired effect.   The "Latest" thing they're doing with them is using them as custom stove backsplashes.  You can put any manner of border around them (wood, tile, stone etc.) and create a WONDERFULLY Custom One of A Kind Look.  

There was a time during the 1800's when any store and homes you walked into....on any little Main Street town in America....were using these old metal ceiling tin tiles to line every inch of their ceiling.  The only thing that varied much from store to store was the intricacy of the design.  They lined the ceilings of the corner pharmacy.....movie houses....furniture stores....etc.   They would nail these tins directly to the ceiling.  That's why you can still find the old nail holes all over them.  

As the years went by and the old stores were torn down to make way for the new ones....and these old tins were relegated to the trash heap in many cases.   Now all these years later the surviving ones have become VERY popular in all manner of interior design.  And Collectible as Precious pieces of old Americana.

We have a source for these.  He travels all over the US salvaging these old celing tins from any old buildings that are set to be torn down.  He will buy ENTIRE ceilings.   

The center is then stenciled to turn it into into a beautiful piece of Cowboy Art, blackening the surrounding image! NO two are ever exactly alike!

The tin you see below is the ACTUAL tin you will RECEIVE.   

Rust and holes or tears are to be expected with these and only adds to their authenticity and charm.  But that's also why we take many individual pictures of each tin we list.  THIS one has an area of the bottom trim that is rusted through.  We've opted to keep it rather than trim it off as we'll leave that for you to decide. It's amazing they're even still out there to be found (in ANY condition) considering their age.  

We've taken several high resolution pictures below for your inspection.  The piece you SEE is the Exact one you will Receive.


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