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Antique HI-FAU-CO Faucet Very Unique Design Pat. No. 832589 by A.C. Brown 1906

Antique HI-FAU-CO Faucet Very Unique Design Pat. No. 832589 by A.C. Brown 1906
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  • Material: Chrome

HI-FAU-CO Faucet 

Very Unique operating design 

Pat. No. 832589 by A.C. Brown 1906

Patented Oct. 9, 1906 application filed April 24, 1905
by Albert C. Brown

chrome plated faucet, is marked with: HI-FAU-C??? ( I think an "O", surface is marred )
also marked with: PAT NO 832589 ( the "P" & "A" as well as the last digit, a NINE are obscured by the marred surface )

partial from the patent info research:
...improved faucet whereby the wear upon the casing surrounding a portion of the primary 
actuating element is materially reduced and binding action on the upper bearing eliminated 
and whereby the wear upon and enlargement of the casing bearings will not be followed by leakage.

...hitherto the faucet valves have usually been seated by a spring mechanism 
and unseated by a hand lever mechanism operating oppositely to the spring mechanism....

it is the main object of my invention to remove the spring pressure from the hand lever 
and at the same time afford a mechanical connection between the hand lever and the valve, 
whereby the valve is to be opened the hand lever will act in opposition to the spring, 
and when the handle is normal the spring will have a properly located abutment 
that will prevent the water from unseating the valve.....

really cool faucet, too bad is has this damaged handle shaft, or it might be a great example of this type of mechanism

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