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Antiquity Sphinx Relief on Amphora c. 1000BC Mesopotania

Antiquity Sphinx Relief on Amphora c. 1000BC Mesopotania
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  • Material: Pottery
  • Provenance: thrift store

Antiquity c. 1,000BC (my new research into the style of the Sphinx suggests that this is probably Mesopotania amphora with fantastic relief, 2 friezes of sphinx facing right each with a human head female wearing jewelry, woman; and women holding grain; c. 10 1/2x 6 inches (6 x 15 cm) stylized decoration; bought in a Pasadena thrift store c. 6 years ago; SPECTACULAR SPHINX DECORATION ; in addition the procession of women offering grain to the dignitary, or local governor shows that even in the ancient world people paid taxes, but they did not pay cash, they paid with food or labor !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CIRCA;3,000 YEARS OLD FROM THE CRADLE OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION: ANCIENT MIDDLE EAST!!!!!!!!!!; bought in a thrift store; liquidation of part of a California art collection. ANTIQUITIES CAN BE EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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