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COLIMA Pre Columbian Pottery DOG Effigy Figure INTACT Choice W. Mexico 100 BC

COLIMA Pre Columbian Pottery DOG Effigy Figure INTACT Choice W. Mexico 100 BC
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  • Material: Pottery
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 Pre-Columbian Pottery Colima Dog



Ca. 100 BC - 250 AD

Striking Colima figure of a female dog. This expressive dog stands alert looking forward, mouth opened wide with tongue displayed and ears perked.  Female dog anatomically rendered--she features a short curled tail, rotund abdomen and muscular legs.   Large playful ovoid eyes and incised nostrils.  Brown Pottery with an attractive patina, root markings.

Excellent piece with exceptional eye appeal. Intact, no repairs.

Length: 6 in. (15.4 cm).

Dogs were indigenous to the ancient Americas, the Mexican Hairless being the likely model for the West Mexico effigies. Throughout Mesoamerica, they served as companions, hunting partners, underworld guides, and even sources of food. Ceramic portrayals of dogs are particularly numerous in the shaft tombs of West Mexico, placed among the burials' myriad human pottery figures and dishes of food for the journey after death. Most dogs are depicted as plump and docile. As tomb offerings, these fattened versions may have symbolized food for the deceased's arduous underworld voyage.
The dog's special relationship with humans is highlighted by a number of Colima dog effigies wearing humanoid masks. This curious effigy type has been interpreted as a shamanic transformation image or as a reference to the modern Huichol myth of the origin of the first wife, who was transformed from a dog into a human. However, recent scholarship suggests a new explanation of these sculptures as the depiction of the animal's tonalli, its inner essence, which is made manifest by being given human form via the mask. The use of the human face to make reference to an object's or animal's inner spirit is found in the artworks of many ancient cultures of the Americas.

Ex Collection of Dr. Herbert J Kayden & Dr Gabrielle Reem Kayden, acquired in 1960's - '70's.

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