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GOLD & SILVER CELTIC CROSS, Hand crafted Brass Rubbing ready for framing

 GOLD & SILVER CELTIC CROSS, Hand crafted Brass Rubbing ready for framing
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  • Hand Crafted: The London Brass Rubbing Centre
  • Metallic Gold & Silver Wax: Special Black Rag paper

Each Brass Rubbing is a hand made original.

This is a hand made rubbing of a Celtic Cross from Kelso, Scotland, using metallic gold and silver wax on a special black rag paper. The original cross stands on a long shaft, as did the earliest of circular Celtic crosses. The ring on the cross, which is the defining part of a Celtic cross, is thought to be a combination of Druid sun/moon worship and Christianity. The cross section is shaped in the earliest cross form of an X turned on its side. Drawings of this shape were in the earliest monastries on the British Isles. The half-circle in the arms of the cross are Stafford knots, symbolizing the Trinity. The Stafford knots are bound together by another knot that goes to the centre. Although all these lines and angles do not actually join in the centre (that would break a cardinal rule of Celtic art-having an open centre point) the appearance still remains.


The engraving from which this rubbing was taken is from an exhibit and workshop organized by The London Brass Rubbing Centre that has recently been on a National tour as part of their brass rubbing workshop. Rubbings like this one, hand made by one of their craft instructors, make unusual and interesting gifts.I will send it to you rolled up in a strong postal tube. The rubbing is approximately 10" X 12". It can be hung either from wooden dowels or matted and framed under glass. Shipping and handling charges include insurance cover during transit.I would be pleased to offer a combined shipping price if you decide to order more than one rubbing from my collection and they can be rolled in the same mailing tube.

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