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HAN DYNASTY Ancient Chinese Tomb BURIAL Funeral Zodiac Figurines

HAN DYNASTY Ancient Chinese Tomb BURIAL Funeral Zodiac Figurines
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Set of 5 HAN DYNASTY Authentic Chinese Tomb BURIAL Clay Zodiac Animal Figurines 

Wonderful set of clay burial figurines from Han Dynasty era dating between 206 BC-AD 221. These clay figurines are typical of items that would have been held in a funeral procession, then placed in the tomb and buried with the deceased. This is a set resembling 5 different Chinese zodiac creatures. Maybe a horse, bird, lizard, goat, and snake?

They all are in excellent condition for age, only one appears to have been repaired at the neck, as you can see in photograph. Each measures 6 - 6 1/2" tall.

This wonderful item comes from The Personal Estate of Elinor S. & John C. McGuire, Founders of the McGuire Company & "California Style". John and Elinor were discriminating and prolific collectors together over 65 years of building the iconic McGuire Company now owned by Kohler. Meeting in 1943 when they were stationed in Pensacola, Florida at the US Naval flight school, each recognized in the other innate style, intelligence and drive. They knew the other would bring out their best and merged their considerable forces after the war, a fertile period in American Design when they were co-originators of what became known as "The California Style".


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