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Handmade Scythian-Sarmats-Slavic Charm-Amulet Big Doll Motanka "On Marriage"

Handmade Scythian-Sarmats-Slavic Charm-Amulet Big Doll Motanka "On Marriage"
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  • Material: linen - cotton

Charm-Amulet Doll Motanka "On marriage" 

Doll amulets motankа:

These dolls have no faces. Faceless Doll - inanimate thing. Underlining this, our ancestors believed that no one can cause harm through her living person. It carries only a good start.

     Each bundle of such dolls make a conspiracy, for example, marriage, or the birth of a child, or to health, happiness, etc., so that they protect the person accepting the disease and misery, help in business.

In a successful marriage:

In a successful marriage Lel - symbolizes the maternal care and attention, it is presented as a good wish, as a helper and protector.

The ancient Slavs Lelia - the goddess of spring, the girl's love, sincerity and beauty.

The symbol of the eternal feminine purity of the Immaculate Heart, his strength, invincible and irresistible to evil.

This motanka - helping his mistress to meet your soul mate, a good marriage and keep the love in the family welfare, happiness with your loved one!

Lela - Char ... oliziruet light, purity, femininity, inside twist - birch bark - guardian and protection.

Birch bark is filled with feminine energy, which leads a woman to marry.

Dolls motanki charms for your home, bring luck, wealth, abundance and happiness.!

All dolls are made on the growing moon

Without nodes without using a needle and scissors

Material: linen, cotton,birch bark

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This Scythian amulet in the form of a spoked wheel. The emergence of such amulets, talismans connected with the beginning of widespread use of light carts with nomadic Scythians in the IV. BC They are becoming a normal burial in the nobility. Consequently, the wagon was a social symbol, a symbol of belonging to the order of the Scythian nobility. The wagons have played a role in the Scythian cult, due to the significance of the horse in the religious beliefs of the Scythians. The basis of these views were solar cult rituals associated with representations of the sacred chariot of the sun. The wheels also put in front of the dromos. Amulets - metal model spoked wheels were bronze, lead, tin sometimes gold. They were the emblems of the sun and served as amulets, protecting the peace of the dead. Amulet - symbolized a chariot wheel, in which the deceased together with the solar deity of light traveling to the country.


Scythians - ekzoetnonim ancient Greek origin, is applied to the peoples in antiquity and the Middle Ages, as in Eastern Europe and in Asia. The ancient Greeks called the country where lived the Scythians - Scythia  (ancient Greek. Σκυθική, Gr. Σκυθία, lat. Scythia).

Early information about the Scythians is known from the writings of ancient authors (Herodotus, et al.) And the archaeological excavations carried out in the territories of the Lower Danube to Tuva.

Scythian languages presumably belong to the Eastern Iranian sub-group of the Iranian languages.

Later, since the era of the Great Migration, the ethnonym "Scythians" is used in Byzantine chronicles names for the various peoples who inhabited the territory of Great Scythia Scythia Minor and European Sarmatia
File:Scythia-Parthia 100 BC.png
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