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Holy Place Clothe Fabric - SUPERB Condition !!!

Holy Place Clothe Fabric - SUPERB Condition !!!
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Holy Place Clothe

Very good condition. No black marks, no holes or any wear. There are only some nail holes on back to attach it to the frame.

It's main colour is red. There are some holy writings on it such as:

"La ilaha illallah Mohammadan Rasolallah"
"Innallaha va malaikatihi yosalloona alannabi ya ayyohallazina amanu sallo alayhi va sallimoo taslima"

Outer frame size: 40CM X 67 CM
Inner frame size: 32CM X 58 CM

There is also "Allah" and "Mohammad" writing underneath.

It will be a perfect spiritaully on your wall at your home or office.

I will ship without frame becuase it will pull the shipping cost to hundreds of dollar and it can brake and cut.the fabric.

Shipping is Free Worldwide.

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