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Metal Ceiling Tin Wall Tile Kitchen Backsplash 2 ft

Metal Ceiling Tin Wall Tile Kitchen Backsplash 2 ft
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Location: Bells, Texas

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  • Color: Multi-Color
  • Material: Iron

BIG Architectural Ceiling Tile Tin 1632 24 x 24

Tin #1632   Each of our tins are unique.  Designers will take them to display alone........ or mix and max for a desired effect.  MANY are now taking them and creatively using them as kitchen stove backsplashes by bordering them with tile, wood, etc.

They're designed to perfectly replicate the old ceiling tile tins from the stores back in the 1800's.    We prefer to carry the bigger 2 ft by 2 ft tins like this one (actually this one is a bit over 24 x 24) because most people prefer the larger ones.      We've taken several high resolution pictures for your inspection.


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