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Moche, Ritual Vase, orange ware vessel (500-700 AD), Peru 6.5 in L 8 in H 5 in D

Moche, Ritual Vase, orange ware vessel (500-700 AD), Peru 6.5 in L 8 in H 5 in D
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  • Provenance: Ex Richard and Edith Dunlap Collection
  • Material: Pottery

 Moche (Peru), 500 AD - 700 AD, Ritual Vase, orange ware vessel. Length 6.5 in., Height 8 in., Depth 5 in.

Provenance:  Ex Richard and Edith Dunlap Collection

Peru, Moche, c. 500 – 700 AD. This crisply molded orange ware vessel is 8" high, slip painted black and buff remnants, some burnishing, fired with some sporadic areas of flash causing black-gray marks. Decorated scenes of a religious ceremony, featured at the center appears a warrior priest or shaman carried by two litter-bearers; depicted are anthropomorphic figures such as fanged felines, snakes, frogs, and birds. The animals are molded in high relief and draped across the vessel; noted differences in repeated scene on both sides (e.g. alternate figures and change of animation effects). Great example, with highly burnished slip and good mineral deposits. Condition: Heavy mineral deposit on one side of vessel, the vessel chamber is intact, the spout rim is chipped in sporadic areas.

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