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  • Color: Striated blues & pink w/ Opalescent Glass Caramel
  • Maker: top rate studio 19thC oses
  • Type: Stained Glass Window w/Jewels & Caramel Cabochons
  • Primary Material: Glass & wooden sash #10643
  • Original/Reproduction: Original

Up For  Purchase for your Estate, or for your apartment window or any Venue comes this early and what I legitimately believe to be created window and fabricated at a Master's Stvdio    Look closely at the Glass no other studio other then la Farge was anywhere near this quality and LaFarge did not do this commercial line of windows  Glass believe to be a Grand stained and Leaded Glass window which again I attribute to a top rate studio. Look closely to its glass and construction....Very few artisans around that could roll glass like the maker of this window. BY RIGHTS THIS SHOULD BRING top dollar...If you know stained & leaded glass you would see this is from one of the top 3 studios in existence It is a most beautiful Window and It measures 26.25" by 17.5" just the glass. The window has not been cleaned or else you could really value the beauty of its pastel colors which are striated light with darker blues ring mottle glass and pastel pinks surrounding its jeweled glass and Carbochons the tanish jewels. The bulk of the glass on the borders or outside of the opalescent panel are light and darker bluish ring mottle glass. The Jewels and its Caramel Cabochons have different colors when the light is not hitting them directly. The center panel is a beautiful piece of Opalescent Ring Mottle Glass having both pastel blue and Yellowish casts. The stained and leaded glass is without a doubt in my eyes a Tiffany studios creation but I cannot in fairness to my buyer guarantee it since no true Tiffany expert has yet see it in person to authenticate it as such and I'm still at a loss to offer you 3 Tiffany stained glass experts who will offer you their blessings..I guess that only comes with  experience . Certainly not any any 10 page booklet  that I ran across on the internet He calls this Comic book Tiffany fakes on whats real and not real Tiffany glass Whoever this moron is AND TRUST ME he is A total AMATEUR I get newbees that mention this fun time booklet for the writer Mr ????? Yes this jokestar has Been writing 6 years and has never given readers his name, backround where he attained his fallacious knowledge from and again who still goes nameless but one of his feedbacks a few years back was a negative for selling a long time e bay buyer a fake Tiffany glass lamp..Know who your buying from and read his feedback and know who your trying to acquire knowledge from However I have dealt with quite a bit of stained glass windows in my 55 years in Business and there remain certain elements that are clearly Tiffany's however they could also be from Tiffany's closest competitor Rudy Bros.John LaFarge. But because of it's non complicated design relying pretty much on its glass to bring the beauty Because I cannot guarantee it but only attribute it my sales price is a Super Great buy.
   What a wonderful Surprise this window would make.What joy it would bring its owner.
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