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Three Vintage Brass/Iron Yale & Towne Padlocks

Three Vintage Brass/Iron Yale & Towne Padlocks
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Location: Paris Crossing, Indiana

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  • Maker: Yale & Towne
  • Material: Brass and Iron

Three very nice looking old padlocks. Two definitely has Yale & Towne on the top of the locks. These tops are brass, I believe. They are non magnetic on all three. The third lock has Yale on both sides of the lock and the top on both sides are scratched and if it does have printing on it, I cannot make it out. One of these locks came with one key in the lock. I have no idea if this is the correct key or not, I cannot get the lock to open. Possibly because it is the wrong key or possibly because the lock is dirty and needs to be cleaned. All three locks weigh about 1.75 pounds total weight, according to my digital scales. They are all being sold as is. They are approximately 2 5/8 inches tall.

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