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Vintage Czech double layer glass fringe beaded gold tone ceiling chandelier

Vintage Czech double layer glass fringe beaded gold tone ceiling chandelier
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  • Origin: Czechoslovakia
  • Age: Vintage
  • Color: Multi-Color
  • Material: Glass

Vintage Czech double layer glass fringe beaded gold tone ceiling chandelier

Superb Vintage Czech Bohemian gold tone brass complete ceiling chandelier with a double layer fringe of crystal, red, jonquil and AB round, faceted and bicone glass beads. With a nice ornate gold tone pierced scroll effect body. This chandelier is in excellent condition with all parts appearing to be intact and no beads missing that we can see. 
The inside section has a diamter of 8.25" and the outer section a diameter of 10". The fringe beads are 8" long and cover 11" drop with an overlap. The total drop of the chandelier from top to bottom is 28".
This is a superb mid century chandelier in excellent condition with super quality Czech glass fringe beads. The actual metal body looks slightly older than the 1950's fringe beads. This is reclaimed and in original condition so will need a little cleaning and rewiring.
Origin: Czech/Bohemian
Material: Molded Glass. Gold Tone metal
Year: circa 1940's/1950's
Condition: Authentic vintage condition. In original unwashed condition. 
Quantity: 1
Please read: This must be tested and installed by a fully qualified electrician only.
There is no warranty on this item as it is in reclaimed condition and we accept no responsibility for damage to person or property.

Made in the famous Gablonz area of Czech, this glass symbolises the skill and artistic talent of 20th century Czech glass makers.

Bohemian glass is known worldwide for its extremely high quality and for the elegant designs of finished products.



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